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End the small business frustration of same problem, different day. We help CEOs identify and correct the root causes of issues to unlock growth and passion.

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3 Steps to Enjoy Running Your Company Again

Most CEOs feel isolated and alone when trying to run their companies. They were trained in a particular specialty, not in how to run a business. Eure Consulting’s three step process helps you uncover and solve the real issues that are holding your company back, so that you can end the frustration of same problem, different day and start to enjoy running your company again.


CEO Discovery

Spend a FREE day helping us get to know you. We want to know how you work, what your goals are and how we can best help you solve your current issues.

Company Discovery

We'll assess your company's current health, uncover it's real root issues and get buy in from your leadership team on how to best move forward, all with one company-wide assessment.

Growth Discovery

We'll work together to determine the biggest opportunities for growth and create action plans around those. The best part? We stick around to make sure everything gets done.

How We Can Help

We know how frustrating and exhausting it can be to run a business. Half the time you just feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Nothing seems to change or improve no matter what you try. You may feel like no one is listening or that no one else cares about whether the company succeeds or not. There is a better way of running a successful company and you deserve success.

Our three step process can help get your company to the next level. First we’ll work with you to understand more about you and your goals. Then we’ll turn our focus to your company, working with your current team to uncover the real issues that may be holding back your company. We’ll get everyone’s buy in and commitment as to next steps and then work with you to make sure change really happens. And not just by your hands. We’ll get every team member involved and taking ownership of different action items. This will get your company to a place where it can run smoothly, even with out you there.

You’ll be better able to rely on your team so that you can focus on doing what you want and not just what you have to. You’ll have more flexibility and freedom in your day-to-day so that you can enjoy running your company again.

5 Ways to Become a Better CEO This Week

Click below to download our guide to becoming a better CEO starting this week. Theses 5 steps are simple, actionable and effective.   What are you waiting for? Start leading better now!


  • Brad and Clay Eure are valued partners in Ilex’s ongoing efforts to develop clarity around roles, responsibilities, and accountability. They help us focus on how we communicate with our clients and our fellow team members. Our business is built around our values and Eure Consulting plays an important role in support of our value based management strategy.

    Doug Croker, Ilex Construction
  • Brad helped us define exactly what the position would entail, as well as the qualities that we wanted in an ideal candidate. The Assessments were a great tool for learning more about our candidates—and ourselves—and ultimately finding the perfect person for the job. Since filling the position, we have been able to focus our attention on other aspects of the business, as well as take a little time off—something we certainly had never been able to do before!

    Duane Cassis and Cindy Adams, Carpet Plus
  • Working with Brad, and now Clay, at Eure Consulting has helped us be able to select people with a consistent repeatable recruiting/selection/hiring process. The process gives us the confidence in our current markets, as well as new geographic markets, to hire people with a lot more certainty as to company fit and performance outcomes.

    Josh Goldschmidt, Eagle Construction

Grab Coffee with a Eure

Schedule a time to get to know Eure Consulting, learn how you can become a better CEO and start to enjoy running your company again. Let us help you lead your company better.

The Eures

Brad Eure

Brad Eure

President & CEO

    Brad learned business the hard way, through 30+ years of experience in the small and family business world. Now he's sharing what he learned with clients so that their companies have a smoother ride.

    Clay Eure

    Clay Eure

    Behavioral Analyst

      Clay's 90+ hours of training in the use and application of Behavioral Assessments makes her an invaluable asset to managers that are interested in recruiting and managing the right people in the right roles.

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