Personal Business Relationship

Everybody Likes A PBR

As a leader, it is more important than ever that you take the time to build a relationship with your employees. Not only does this help them to trust you and the company, it helps them become better employees. If your employees understand that you care about them as a person, they will feel more […]

Intentional Growth

Growth – Get It Out of Your Own Head

It can be lonely at the top. Most CEOs talk to themselves more than anyone else. Thinking through new ideas, planning growth and envisioning the future. You as the CEO may have a perfect vision of where you’re taking the company. So what’s the problem? You haven’t told anyone else. You would probably be shocked […]

Coaching 101

Coaching 101

One of a leader’s most important roles is that of coach. Helping employees grow and develop should always be one of your top priorities. When someone comes to you with a problem, it’s easy to just solve it right then and there. You probably already know the answer and can solve it quicker than anyone […]

Control the Chaos

As a company grows there are more employees, more projects, more clients and more complexity to deal with. It is vital that effective project management processes are in place to ensure that order reigns in all that chaos. Are you able to effectively repeat the sales process? Or the client on boarding process? Do you […]

Flood Zones – Stop Drowning

Does it ever feel like you’re just drowning in work? Are you and your employees struggling just to keep up with the influx of projects? Then you might be in a flood zone. Flood zones are a natural part of a company’s growth. They occur when there is a large enough influx of work that […]

core values

The Importance of Core Values

The following thoughts are not about politics. They’re not about whether you are a conservative or a liberal or in the middle. I write to draw attention to the importance of creating alignment in your business. And I can think of no better example than the country in which we live. What values come to […]

Manager Guilt

Manager Guilt

Time and time again, I hear from all levels at a company that accountability is an issue. I immediately look to see if supervisors are suffering from “Manager Guilt”. This guilt stems from an inability to give their direct reports effective feedback and an inability to coach and grow their team. To discover if Manager […]


If You’re Not Giving Feedback, You’re Not a Manager

Feedback is a scary word for a lot of people. Especially for new managers, who are expected, perhaps for the first time in their careers, to provide feedback to the people they supervise. But why is this word so scary? Feedback should be a celebrated word. It’s the basic building block of coaching, and everyone […]


Leadership Puddin’: Creating the Sweet Spot Between Firm and Fair

Virginia has the highest percentage of personalized license plates per motor vehicle in the country. Roughly 16% of drivers in our state have a personalized plate. To pass the time while driving I like to figure out what message is being conveyed in the six or seven characters offered. I caught a glimpse of a […]

Rulers of the (Departmental) Realm

As a company grows the need for strong, experienced department heads grows. Once a company passes the 20 employee mark it starts to get harder and harder for the CEO to check in on every department. By the time a company hits 40 employees it’s impossible. At this stage, it is vitally important that the […]