Dominant CEO Stepping Up

Stepping Up

When a company is in crisis, due to factors outside their control, the CEO’s presence (or lack thereof) will define how that company manages through that crisis. Understanding how your presence affects those around you is perhaps one of the more difficult aspects of being a CEO. However, it’s also a critical part of self-awareness […]

Leadership during crisis

Leading in a Crisis

We are experiencing unprecedented times. Never before have we seen a pandemic of this global scale. Everyone around the world, has been affected by COVID-19 in some way. Whether you’re in Italy under full quarantine or in the US being socially distant, the world has come to a grinding halt. A halt that has been […]

Culture of Feedback

Creating a Culture of Feedback

One of the most important jobs of every leader is to create an environment where feedback is not only welcomed, but also sought out. Organizations can quickly stagnate and get passed by if they are not constantly finding new and better ways of doing things. And the only way to find those things is to […]

receiving feedback

Be More Like a Lobster

I’ve written multiple times on this blog about the right way to deliver feedback, but have not yet addressed the equally important skill of receiving feedback. As a leader, you need to be able to do both effectively. Receiving feedback is one of the hardest skills for any leader to master. Chances are you are […]

Training vs Development

The Difference Between Training And Development

For the majority of people the words Training & Development tend to go hand in hand. This can be a good thing, as it shows an equal emphasis on both parts, but it can also be misleading. Always pairing the two together implies that they are the same thing, when in reality, they are quite […]