Staff Buy In Employee Engagement

Engaging and Energizing Your Staff

As a company grows, staff buy in weakens. Employees that have been with the company from the beginning start to feel stifled by newly created rules and regulations and they have less access to the CEO/owner. Newly hired employees have a hard time connecting with the original passion of the company. You, the CEO, have […]

Profit Business

Digging Deeper Into Profit

Most people understand that in order to stay in business, a company needs to make more money than it spends. A simple concept. But what actually goes into making a profit is not as easily understood. Having a clear understanding of your company’s profit design takes knowing more than just how much money is coming […]

Definig Core Values

If You Don’t Stand For Something, You’ll Fall For Anything

Core values are the guiding principles — the North Star — of a company. When its values aren’t clearly defined and articulated, a company starts to wander off course, to lose its way. An accidental culture starts to emerge that almost always includes a great many ingrained bad habits, bad attitudes and bad performance. Every […]

Anticipating Problems

Predicting The Future

No one can predict the future. But as the CEO of a growing company, it’s your job to try. A company that operates only on the day-to-day, reactive level will not make it in the long run. Not only is it hectic and draining, it is too chaotic to maintain over time. If all you’re […]

Systems Turnover

Unlike Staff Turnover, Systems Turnover is something that needs to be embraced. Leaders need to understand that systems and processes cannot remain stagnant as their company grows. What worked for a company of 10 people will not still work for a company of 50. And what worked for a company of 50 will not work […]

Uncover The Roots

It’s often hard for leaders to determine the root cause of an issue. Problem diagnosis, at least accurate problem diagnosis, takes reflection and self-awareness, something a lot of small businesses don’t feel like they have the time to do. Companies caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day of operations tend to solve […]

Intentional Growth

Growth – Get It Out of Your Own Head

It can be lonely at the top. Most CEOs talk to themselves more than anyone else. Thinking through new ideas, planning growth and envisioning the future. You as the CEO may have a perfect vision of where you’re taking the company. So what’s the problem? You haven’t told anyone else. You would probably be shocked […]

Control the Chaos

As a company grows there are more employees, more projects, more clients and more complexity to deal with. It is vital that effective project management processes are in place to ensure that order reigns in all that chaos. Are you able to effectively repeat the sales process? Or the client on boarding process? Do you […]