Ground Truth

Getting the Ground Truth

In the military when they want to get the full, real-time picture of what’s happening in a war zone, they call it getting the ground truth. It’s one thing to draw up a brilliant battle plan back on home soil, but if you’re not aware of the tactical realities on the battlefield, your plan won’t […]

Staff Buy In Employee Engagement

Engaging and Energizing Your Staff

As a company grows, staff buy in weakens. Employees that have been with the company from the beginning start to feel stifled by newly created rules and regulations and they have less access to the CEO/owner. Newly hired employees have a hard time connecting with the original passion of the company. You, the CEO, have […]

Profit Business

Digging Deeper Into Profit

Most people understand that in order to stay in business, a company needs to make more money than it spends. A simple concept. But what actually goes into making a profit is not as easily understood. Having a clear understanding of your company’s profit design takes knowing more than just how much money is coming […]

Visionary Leadership Futuristic Thinking

Leadership Styles: Visionary

This week is the second installment of our six part series about leadership styles. We are using the six Leadership Styles as defined by Daniel Goleman in his book Primal Leadership. Each has its pros and cons, each is rarely used alone, and none of them should be used all the time. Different stages of […]