Developing Managers

As a CEO, the most vital thing you can do to ensure the future success of your company is to start developing your employees to be responsible, accountable and proactive. You need to start grooming your future managers. Once your company reaches a size where you can no longer manage everyone personally, and that will happen, you want to make sure you have competent people to step into those newly created management roles.

It is critical that these new or soon-to-be-new managers have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. It is just as important that they be given the authority to carry out those responsibilities. There is nothing worse than a manager that has been given a responsibility, but not the authority to carry it out. As the CEO, you need to know when to push down that authority to the right people. If you’ve been developing and grooming them for that role, it will be a lot easier to release control into their, hopefully, capable hands.


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